Climate Change

 Canada’s foremost scientific authority on the impact of a warming climate on mountain water sources, Professor David Schindler of the University of Alberta, warns that ski lifts and skier traffic on the surface of Jumbo Glacier will hasten its melting, and compromise one of the important headwater sources of the Columbia River system.

Promoter Oberto Oberti sees climate degradation as an opportunity to profit by building ski runs atop a high-elevation glacier that will outlast competing Canadian ski resorts, which are struggling to survive in an era of warming winter seasons.

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“Our results indicate that climate warming does not bode well for ski resorts like Jumbo, or for snow sports in general."

"River flows in summer on the eastern slopes of the Rockies have decreased by 30 to 85 percent in the past century. There are several reasons, including a 25-37 percent decline in the mass of glaciers in the headwaters, a 30-40% decline in winter snowpacks, and an increase of 12-13 percent in evaporation, as well as human withdrawals from southern rivers of the eastern slopes."

"The climate on the eastern slopes and western prairies has already warmed by 1-4 C, and a further 6-8 C warming is predicted during the remainder of the 21st century."

"Similar changes have been predicted for Glacier National Park by the US Geological Survey. They predict that glaciers will be gone within 30 years, and most winter precipitation will fall as rain. Results for the Columbia Valley will probably be very similar to these two sites.”

- Dr. David Schindler, Killam Memorial Professor of Ecology at University of Alberta, is the recipent of numerous prestigious internationally significant awards for science including Canada’s highest scientific honour, the 2001 Herzberg Gold Medal for Science & Engineering. Dr. Schindler was appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2004.


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Catamount (Tiger Claw) Glacier 1913

Windermere Historical Society, 1913, Tiger Claw Glacier, (the claws melted away), Purcells

Catamount (Tiger Claw) Glacier 2008

2008, Steve Tersmette, Purcells